The Recordian Mission

Recordian is an online Music Streaming app that serves as a hub for music industry hopefuls so that they need not to subscribe to middlemen or big record labels to get their music out to the public. It stands out with its first-of-its-kind Listen to Earn (L2E) feature that allows fans to get paid by simply listening to their favorite tracks.

The team recognizes that the revenue distribution model the music industry currently uses is unfair towards artists as major record labels and agents are the ones to benefit greatly from the majority of the artists' earnings.

The End Goal

Recordian's end goal is to empower independent artists and revolutionize the music industry's revenue distribution model. By providing an online music streaming app that serves as a hub for music industry hopefuls, Recordian aims to eliminate the need for middlemen or big record labels to get music out to the public. With its innovative Listen to Earn (L2E) feature, fans can earn rewards simply by listening to their favorite tracks.
Recordian envisions a future where independent artists have the opportunity to showcase their talent, connect with their fans, and earn a fair and transparent share of royalties for their hard work. The company is committed to building a sustainable and equitable music ecosystem that prioritizes the needs of artists and creates a platform where artists can take control of their music careers. Through innovative technology and a user-friendly platform, Recordian aims to empower artists and create a music industry where artists are fairly compensated for their work, and where fans play a crucial role in supporting their favorite artists through the L2E feature.



EDI, known as EDIDON, stands tall as a legendary Hip Hop artist and entrepreneur, famously an original member of the Outlawz alongside the iconic Tupac Shakur. As an Executive Consultant and Music Supervisor for the 2016 Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me, he showcased his dedication to preserving Tupac's legacy.

Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer

FOS, a multiple-plaque winning artist, and the owner of Building Legacy Music Group (BLMG), has traversed the globe, sharing stages with industry legends like e40 and Too $hort. With two decades of experience, FOS's mark in the music landscape is undeniable.

Co-founder & Chief Music Officer

Khemet brings a wealth of experience in Lean Management to his role as Co-Founder Operations Officer. With a background in management and a first-hand understanding of the struggles faced by independent artists, Khemet envisions a future for RECORDIAN that empowers artists while streamlining operations.

Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer

Known as Crypto Rick, Rick boasts an impressive 24-year career as a Professional Financial Advisor. Armed with a Business Management degree concentrated in Finance, Rick's financial acumen is the bedrock of RECORDIAN's financial strategy. His guidance ensures that RECORDIAN's growth trajectory remains sustainable and prosperous.

Chief Financial Advisor

Amanda's journey spans 15+ years in High Fashion Modeling, Brand Ambassadorship, and Activation Marketing. With a portfolio that includes collaborations with corporate giants like Samsung, Target, and Cisco, as well as acclaimed music artists, Amanda's expertise as Chief Branding Ambassador perfectly complements RECORDIAN's vision to be a brand that resonates with the world.

Chief Branding Ambassador

Holding the reins as a full-service crypto marketing agency, Crypto Kid Finance amplifies RECORDIAN's reach through advanced strategies encompassing SEO, PPC, influencer collaboration, and creative content marketing. Their collaboration is set to ignite RECORDIAN's presence in the crypto landscape.

Crypto Kid Finance
Lead Crypto Advisor

Oscar's trajectory from Computer Science Major to Microsoft Exchange Engineer laid the foundation for his deep dive into the crypto industry. His vast knowledge and expertise as a Crypto Project Consultant fortify RECORDIAN's crypto endeavors, ensuring a seamless integration of blockchain technology.

Crypto Advisor

DEO, co-founder of EVENODDS, holds a significant role as Lead Music Advisor. His journey from being part of a rap duo to founding the Official Bizness Studio and managing artists like Money Alwayz reflects his invaluable understanding of the music industry's nuances.

Lead Music Advisor

Praisegeek, known as Praise, contributes his expertise as a Software Engineer with a knack for Fullstack Web, Mobile, and Game development. His experience in various multinational corporations, along with founding Stacklify Ltd.

Full Stack Dev

TJ is well known in the Blockchain community, he comes as a finance professional with rich experience at management level gained in big corporations like Bloomberg, EY, KPMG and investment firms like Cantor Fitzgerald and JP Morgan.

Smart Contract Dev