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Recordian positions itself to become an authority in the MusicDefi, NFT, and cryptospace.

Music Streaming App
  • Where artists can take full control of their content and earn more, while fans can discover new music and earn rewards through our innovative Listen2Earn feature.
  • Easily monetize your music and earn more revenue, while also gaining exposure to new audiences.
  • Listen2Earn feature rewards fans for listening to music, incentivizing them to explore new artists and support their favorites.
NFT Marketplace
  • Empowers artists to monetize their work through the creation and sale of digital assets, also known as NFTs.
  • Offers artists unparalleled control over their digital creations, enabling them to attach streaming royalties to their music NFTs and link them to their RECORDIAN streaming app profiles.
  • Enables artists to fully leverage the potential of NFTs, offering a seamless and secure platform for the creation, sale, and distribution of unique digital assets.
AD Studio
  • Enables artists and brands to place targeted ad campaigns directly on the RECORDIAN Music Streaming App.
  • Offers unparalleled access to a highly engaged audience, providing artists and brands with a powerful tool for increasing awareness of their music, products, and services.
  • Easily create and launch ad campaigns that reach the right audience at the right time, generating increased engagement and revenue.

Added Utility

We integrate added utilities to streamline your daily tasks and enhance your overall experience




The Recordian Card will function as both a debit card for withdrawals and a secure storage option for crypto tokens. This feature will be available shortly after launch, offering users seamless access to traditional and digital currencies in one platform. Stay tuned for updates!

Reward System

Here’s how the recordian reward system works

Recordian Reward System

The Utility Smart Contract holds ETH deposits and updates the database pool each time a deposit event was made. This allows the system to know the amount of ETH deposits we have versus the amount the can be withdrawn based on user’s claims.

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A blend of industry experts, tech innovators, and creative minds, committed to revolutionizing the music streaming landscape. With diverse skills and a cumulative 7 decades of experience, we're set to lead Recordian to unprecedented success.

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